Exclusively Fruit

Delicious chilled pure fruit compotes


What is a compote, and why are our compotes so special?


A compote is traditionally a dish made from whole fruit or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. It is an extremely versatile product which can be eaten plain, or used as a topping or a base for many other dishes. 

We love fruit, we don't love refined sugars, additives and preservatives...


...so we don't use them! We just lest the fruit sing. All of our compotes are made with whole or diced fruits, with just a little apple juice concentrate for sweetening and apple pectin for thickening. Then we freeze them to keep them fresh, beautiful and delicious. No additives or preservatives needed!

Exclusively Fruit Pure Fruit Compotes are very convenient and versatile


All you need to do is keep them in the freezer until you want to eat them, defrost them in the fridge, then enjoy! We have done all of the messy prep...

Thaw and use just as you like


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