Exclusively Fruit

Delicious chilled pure fruit compotes


All from fruit


At Exclusively Fruit we make compotes from large luscious pieces of fruit, or whole berries, with a little apple juice for sweetness and fruit pectin for texture. They look fantastic and taste delicious.

Beautifully balanced


We select the fruits that go into our fruit compotes carefully, prepare them at our own factory, then make our compotes to recipes developed to maximise the fruit content. Our compotes are lightly heated then frozen, which preserves the colour, taste and texture of the fruit beautifully.

No additives


We love fruit. Our fruit needs no preservatives, added water, starches, gums, flavourings or colours; so you won't find these in our compotes.

What is a compote, and why are our compotes so special?

A compote is traditionally a dish made from whole fruit or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. The name is believed to be derived from the Latin compositus, meaning mixture. The origins of the compote are ancient.

What is exciting about Exclusively Fruit compotes is that we use no added sugar

We just use a little apple juice concentrate for sweetening. Neither do we  use any preservatives, starches or gums. As we freeze our compotes after production and they remain frozen until the point of sale these additives are not necessary.

Exclusively Fruit Pure Fruit Compotes are very convenient and versatile

We have done the messy stuff. All you need to do is pop our compotes in the fridge and start planning how to enjoy them. We have quite a few ideas ourselves!


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